. Adopting From Wagging Tails Animal Rescue

    We at Wagging Tails Animal Resue do not give away animals nor do we sell animals, animals are ADOPTED from WTAR.

    Let us explain.
    All cats and dogs adopted from WTAR will be sterilized to prevent them from having unwanted litters, this also has many other benefits to the dogs/cats; They will be vaccinated to protect them from contracted diseases such as distemper or parvovirus; They will be given NexGuard to eliminate parasites. This is what prospective owners have paid every time they adopt animals from WTAR.

    If you consider that only to sterilize a dog in your local veterinarian can be charged between R1000 and R1800 and that vaccination and deworming can be charged R350 and upwards, now this becomes clear that the cost of adoption fee of R1250 to adopt animals, cover all these expenses and more is not expensive at all.
    Adoption process:
    1. Application form to be filled
    2. Proof required of current pets, sterilization and vaccination up to date (If applicable)
    3. Home check requirement. Yard to be fully fenced and secure, this can vary depending on specific cats/dogs special needs.
    4. Adoption Fee to be paid in full on both parties agreement of the dogs adoption
    5. All members of the household need to be in agreement with new said pet.

    These rescue cats/dogs must be a pet in your home, part of the family. They are not allowed be given as gifts to anyone or permitted to be working animals i.e. guard dogs.

    . We are looking for Fur-ever Homes

    . Juliet

    - Approx 1 year old 
    - Female 
    - Afrikaanis
    - Medium size

    Rescued off the streets, her fear of what would happen next made her barrow and make her own tunnel where she had delivered 11 puppies, this beautiful mild-mannered girl just wants to feel safe and loved

    . Tango

    - Approx 1 year old 
    - Female 
    - afrikaanis
    - Medium size

    Special Requirements: must be an indoor dog
    A curious girl who just wants to explore and love you. She can seem timid on the first meet, once she gains ur trust she is both feisty and energetic

    . Laila

    - Approx 2 years old 
    - Female 
    - Mix
    - Large size

    Beautiful Laila with high energy levels , once had humans that loved her very much and a little 8-year-old human to run with and to throw a ball for her, but some bad neighbours had threatened her life so her humans did what they thought were best for her, she is currently at the facility waiting for a human who loves being active has a nice garden to come over and give her the life she deserves

    . Prince

    Adoption Pending
    - Approx 2 years old 
    - Male 
    - Pitbull mix
    - Large size

    A gentle boy with such a beautiful smile along with Anna was left to face an unfortunate life when his humans passed on all he wants is love and cuddles

    . Titan

    Adoption Pending
    - Approx 11 weeks old
    - Male 
    - Staffie x Saint Bernard
    - Large size when fully grown

    Titan is a playful pup who loves running around and playing with his doggy friends in foster care. Titan is looking for a family of his own who can give him all the love and attention he deserves

    . Shadow

    - Approx 1 1/2 years old 
    - Male 
    - German hepard
    - Large size

    Shadow has the most gorgeous face ever! And a beautiful personality too. Shadow is energetic and needs a family who is able to stimulate him.

    Shadows owner could no longer take care of him due to unfortunate circumstances. Shadow is social and gets along with other doggies.

    Please consider making him part of your family by adopting him

    . Delilah

    - Approx 8 years old 
    - Female 
    - Maltese
    - Small size

    Pretty Delilah is looking for a new family to love ❤️

    Delilah was rescued from a home where she was kept in the veranda and cordened off from the other pets because of her skin condition.

    Delilah has allergies which had progressed over the years making it unbearable for her to go an hour without scratching herself profusely. She is still recovering but it will be a long while more before she's completely healed.

    She's a pleasure to be around, just trotting her little feet across the floor following her human. She deserves a home where she will be adored in her senior years. She loves kids and gets along with other dogs. She is an indoor dog but loves sitting under the sun sometimes.

    . Dog Pre-Application Form

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