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    dog tags
    Engraved dog tags -R30 each
    ball and rope toy
    ball and rope toy -R40 each
    squeeky chicken
    squeeky chicken -R30 each
    tyre toys
    tyre toys -R25 each
    rope toys
    rope toys -R60 each
    reversible bandannas  various colours and sizes -from R50 to R60 each
    harness and leash
    harness and leashes -R100 each
    dog collars small
    dog collars small -R60 each
    small dog collar dog print
    small dog collar dog print -R50 each
    small reflective sport dog/cat collar
    small dog collar dog print -R50 each
    dog brush
    dog brush -R50 each
    pet comb pink and blue
    pet comb pink or blue -R50 each
    novelty pet bowls
    novelty pet bowls -R150 each
    small dog bowl
    small dog bowl -R60 each
    dog tags
    Engraved Cat tags -R30 each
    ball toy
    ball toy -R30 each
    squeeky doggies
    squeeky doggies -R40 each
    candy cane toys
    candy cane toys -R40 each
    bow ties
    bow ties -R50 each
    pet bandannas
    pet bandannas  -R50 each
    dog collars large
    dog collars large -R100 each
    denim small dog collar
    denim small dog collar -R55 each
     small reflective dog collar
    small reflective dog/cat collar -R55 each
    retractable leash
    retractable leash -R100 each
    double sided brush
    double sided brush-R60 each
    small plastic dog bowls
    small plastic dog bowls-R50 each
    plastic pet bowls
    plastic pet bowls available in pink blue and green -R100 each
    large dog bowl
    large dog bowl -R100 each
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