. We have been HOMED!

    . Coco

    Coco was rescued off a street in Phoenix together with her 4-month-old daughter Chanel. Coco was pregnant and in distress when members of the community called for help. She was heavily pregnant and overdue but had not given birth to her puppies yet.

    Once rescued, Coco was taken to the vet and underwent a C-section when the vet had discovered that all 10 of her puppies were deformed, which is why she could not go into labour easily. The pups had to be aborted and a kind family had offered to foster sweet Coco.

    After a month of fostering, the family fell in love with her and opted to adopt Coco. She now enjoys walks and spoils with her family and experiences a life anyone would dream of for their rescue

    . Chanel

    4-month-old Chanel and her mom Coco were stray dogs when Coco fell pregnant again. After being called for assistance Coco and Chanel were rescued, vet treated and put into foster care.

    Chanel had adapted to everyone in her foster family immediately, including the baby and cat. There was not a doubt that was where she belonged and so she got adopted and continues to be adored like all rescues should. She enjoys her evening walks, play time with her fur and human siblings and her dog training

    . Rosie

    Rosie was an undernourished dog who had been left on a property in North of Durban together with two other dogs after their owner had passed away. They were all dehydrated, malnourished, and did not even have names.

    Rosie was rescued together with her six puppies and the other two dogs named Anna and Prince. They were all vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, and then taken to a rehabilitation centre. After a few months of rehabilitation, they are now completely different dogs. They are full of life, much healthier, and are now wagging their tails.

    Rosie was recently adopted into an amazing family and has two new siblings. She is loved beyond measure and we could not have found a better home for her.

    . Bruce

    This is the story of a puppy called Bruce. He did not even have a name even though he was almost four months old. We did not know much about his parents or any information about his early life but the condition that Bruce was found in was tragic and the pictures alone will have you in tears. The rescue day started off typically for the Wagging Tails Team, we had a plan of action for the day and did not expect our day to turn out the way it did. We received a call from a member of the Tongaat community to state that a puppy was dumped at her doorstep.

    She informed us that the puppy was looking severely unwell and appeared to have mange. We abandoned all our plans for the day as from hearing the condition of the puppy, we knew that we did not have any time to lose. We reached the house where the puppy was abandoned and we could see that there was already an adult dog living there. In certain cases, we have noticed that many people who abandon their animals, tend to dump them at homes where there is already an existing pet. We are not entirely sure why that is and perhaps we will never fully know. The condition of Bruce was such a pitiful sight; this was easily one of the worst cases of mange that we have ever seen. Not one part of him appeared without mange and he whimpered with pain. It was such a sad sight and one of our team members wrapped him up in a blanket and proceeded to take him into our car. We knew that we needed to drive as fast as we possibly could and we went to Ashburne Vet as they were the only vet close by, that was open at that time.

    Throughout the drive, none of our team members were confident that the little puppy was even going to survive the ride, but we still prayed for a miracle. Bruce was in so much of pain that he appeared to be tearing. He also looked up at us like he was grateful for the help and he seemed to know that he was somehow going to be helped. We finally reached the vet and the whimpering bundle was taken out of the car. He was frail, weak and in severe pain. This was one of the most difficult cases that we had ever encountered as his mange was contagious and we knew that we could not touch him due to our own animals at home and being able to possibly spread it to them. Bruce was finally admitted at the vet however we knew that this was just the beginning of an awfully long road for him if he even survived the night. The vet explained that Bruce had a very contagious type of mange and that we should pray and hope for the best. We left the vet feeling very uncertain of what was going to happen next. Bruce was treated extensively and received such excellent care at Ashburne Vet. He had tests conducted on him as we as the necessary medicated baths for the mange. Bruce stayed at the vet for a few days and we were called to discharge him. We had no idea where Bruce was going to be fostered and he still needed to take medication during the day as he was not completely out of the woods as yet. One of our founding members of the organisation, Jess stepped in and mentioned that she would be able to foster Bruce for a few days until we manage to find another foster, at this point in time, there was not enough time to ask the public to foster Bruce and this split second decision was important to take.

    Jess has four of her own dogs and she was unsure of how she was going to pull this. Bruce was discharged and moved in with Jess. It was a difficult process as Jess needed to move around her own dogs each day. Bruce also needed to be given medicated baths as well as medication on time. This made Jess quite worried at times however her rescuer instinct kicked in and with a few prayers and miracles, Bruce seemed to be settling in nicely. As a puppy, Bruce did not know what play time was and Jess had to purchase a few toys and gain his trust. Once she had done this, Bruce was unstoppable and was able to play and interact with her freely. We then looked for someone to adopt Bruce and we could not ask for a better person. Carey Radford is an angel in disguise and Bruce is enjoying himself immensely in her care. We could not have asked for a better person to adopt Bruce and although the early part of his life was difficult, by rescuing him we have ensured that the rest of his life remains beautiful

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